About Us

After a short introduction to our running roots, here is a little bit more about us.

Together, we are four friends who enjoy running.  We are also quite a group of nerds.  We regularly quote movies like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.  If the boys aren't out running, they can usually be found gaming on a computer or xbox. 

But who are we?

First up, the girls.

 Melanie, 31

Melanie is married to Bob.  She is momma to an overweight mixed-breed rescue dog named Shelby.  She is bossy, creative, a photographer, and lover of all things zebra-striped.  And a diabetic.

Why run?  Weight loss, better diabetes management, and overall health.

Ashley, 27
Ashley is married to Jimmy and mommy to EK

Bobby, 29
Bobby is married to Mel...going on 10 years.  Brought home a sad stray dog who abandon him for Melanie.

Jimmy, 30
Jimmy married Ashley in 2008 and welcomed EK in 2009.  He regularly wrangles two full-breed Boxers, Brody and Carter, on his runs.  

Why run?

Aside from the obvious health benefits and whatnot I run because I enjoy it. Its kinda like my alone time. I can get out on the road and just clear my mind. If I'm depressed, upset, angry or whatever I can go run and when I'm done my mood has done a 180.

The Other Characters

EK, 4
EK is the bouncing baby girl of Jim and Ash.  She's a cute blonde princess who has just about everyone around her completely wrapped around her finger.  And she knows it.  On solo runs, many times she is pushed by her dad and for group runs, she hangs with the girls.  She rides in style with her chocolate milk and ipad.

Shelby, 3 year old German Shepherd mix
Bob and Mel's overweight girl who is out for the exercise just as much as her owners.  She keeps a good pace with the girls most days.  She is the sweetest puppy ever...unless Carter pounces on her.

Brody, 3 year old Boxer
He's the old guy. He's the gentle giant out of the two. He loves to try and fit all 75 lbs of him in your lap and enjoys sneaking a kiss whenever possible. He is by far the best dog you could ask for and makes a pretty good running partner... aside from the leash pulling!!

Carter, 2 year old Boxer
Crazy.  That's the only way to describe Carter.  He goes 90mph all the time.  He loves to tackle anything in his way, most especially Shelby.

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