Monday, March 17, 2014

New Shoes and New Attitude

Running and I have had an interest relationship.

A year ago I fell in love with running. I did the Couch to 5K program with a friend (who was already a running pro).

About 7-9 months ago, running and I had a strained and frustrating relationship.

About 6 months ago, running and I seperated. Not really intentionally but it happened.

I have been back running since late January but it just didn't feel right. Something was missing.

A big part of my running problems had to do with my feet. My shoes were not doing the job. Five minutes in and my legs were hurting up the side. Not muscular soreness - straight up pain. My shoes were not enough support at all.

Cut to this weekend - we went to watch our friend run a race. It was a year ago at this particular race where I said "I will run this race next year." But I didn't. I stood and watched our friend get a new PR with something like a 24 minute 5k. I was so mad at myself for watching and not participating.

After the race, the Hubs and I went to a running store - Fleet Feet - and were professionally analyzed and fitted. I walked out of the store with a brand new pair of Brooks Glycerin 11. I was excited to break them in.

I really love how much support these shoes have. They look bulky but they aren't at all.

We finally got started running yesterday evening. And running and I made up. I fell in love again. I started the couch to 5k over - for multiple reasons. First, I wanted to break in my new shoes. Second, it had been a while since I did any real running so I needed to get the rest of my body back to it. It was so different than a year ago when the 1 minute runs were so taxing. I spent the entire minute and a half walking to catch my breath. By the end of the session, I was trying to push it harder and faster and my breathing was more strained. But, I did every second of it. I didn't cheat or stop too soon or anything like that. I ran when it said run and I walked when it said walk. And my feet? They felt great the entire time.

It started looking a little scary before we finished running. Gotta love Spring-time in the South!

I'm excited to go running tonight. I haven't felt excited in a while.

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