Sunday, April 21, 2013

"I'm a Runner"

"I'm a Runner!"  
In the beginning of our Couch to 5K, I had to tell myself that.  It was motivating as I was learning to run and building endurance.  But, yesterday was the first day I didn't have to tell myself.  I felt like a runner.  No more force-feeding myself that just is now.  It's just who I am.

Yesterday was a long run - 15 minutes.  Today we ran 20.  When we first begin this program 7 weeks ago (today), I couldn't hardly run one minute straight.  I used my minute walk to attempt to catch my breath.  Now, less than 10 is so different.  It feels natural.  And good.  I finished yesterday's run and then I ran an additional half mile...just because.  I felt proud.  There wasn't anybody watching my last half mile....not a soul on that side of the track but me.  But I was so proud of myself for taking those first hard minute runs that brought me to running 15 and 20 minutes.

I highly recommend any Couch to 5K or 5K Runner program.  These programs give people the tools to become runners.  Even people with sedentary lifestyles can learn, build endurance, and become confident runners.  Get out and start running!


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