Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekly Running Moments

A new series I want to start.  I take random photos with my iphone and these small glimpses scream volumes about not only our runs but our friendship.  Hope these can bring a smile or maybe inspire.

They say your kids are always watching.  EK is proof of that statement.  When she runs, she checks her "watch" like her momma (Ashley) does and when we are finished running and stretching, she joins right in.  I love this little's girls intensity.  She's so precious and can't wait to join us when she gets older.

Jimmy, Ashley, and EK
EK is a great cheerleader for her parents.

My Shelby LOVES going for rides.  And she really loves going to the park.  So a ride to the park is quite heavenly for our girl.

The flag at the park in honor and memory of Boston and all of the individuals affected by the horrendous tragedy.

After today's run, we went over to the playground for EK to play.  Of course Jimmy and Bobby couldn't resist playing either.  When I returned from the car, I found them all searching in the bark.  Jimmy lost his wedding ring while playing on the monkey bars!  Thankfully, it was found!  Go team!

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