Thursday, September 5, 2013

Moving Forward

Ok, so this blog hasn't got much attention as of late. It would seem the entire team has taken a step back from the running process. We all have our reasons for it from recouping from an injury to simply getting a little burned out and overwhelmed with everything that is going on. However, I think its time for us all to take a step back, look at whatever it is holding us back and climb over it.

For me it was pushing myself to the point injury and then getting comfortable with the idea of not running since I hadn't done it in so long. I finally pushed myself out the door and tried to push myself harder than I should and lo and behold another injury. I don't think this one is has severe and hopefully some hip strengthing and a lot of stretching / rolling will fix it right up and I can start increasing the miles again, until then I need to swallow my pride and just back it up some and revert to simply walking / running until the leg is feeling better.

As for my wife she is pregnant and that pretty much sums up her reasons for not running. With that said I know she wants to get back out there, she talks about it daily and she looks forward to the day where she doesn't feel sick as a dog and can get out there and feel the pavement under her feet.

Now on to Bob and Mel, I know Bob is trying to fix a calf problem that doesn't want to go away and I don't talk to Mel enough to know how her running is going, what I do know though is I miss the days where we would all meet up and run around the park or neighborhood and then hang out for 20min or so and just chit-chat, some days we would grab dinner some days we wouldn't but regardless I really do miss it and hope that we can get back to that point again.

There is a couple of races coming up in November and I know we have all talked about doing them. The Liz Hurley and the Susan G Komen race for the cure. I pretty confident that I am at least doing the Liz Hurley as I ran this last year and really had fun with it. I will run the Susan G Komen as well if all the nerds agree to run it as well :)

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  1. Sorry ya'll have had some setbacks, but don't let it get ya down! Running is like an old friend. Even if you don't chat for awhile, it's still there for you when you're ready. =)